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Finding premium quality oxide nitrous (N2O) tanks that contain pure food-grade N2O can significantly impact the taste, texture, and quality of your whipped cream, desserts, toppings, cocktails, and infusions.

If you are looking for a 640g or 615g tank, which are versatile and suitable for many culinary applications, there are several places where you can buy them. Whether you prefer the experience of a nearby store or the convenience of online shopping, this guide will take you through the best options.

Understanding Nitrous Oxide Tanks

If you have used cream chargers before, you’ve probably heard about nitrous oxide tanks. If not, no need to worry, because we will tell you what they are and how they work.

What are Nitrous Oxide Tanks?

They are pressurized cylinders or tanks containing culinary-grade nitrous oxide gas. Unlike oxygen tanks, oxide nitrous tanks contain liquid N2O. So, the pressure reading of the tanks doesn’t fall until they are almost empty. N2O tanks are available in a variety of sizes, which can range from 8g to 2kg.

How they Work

A nitrous oxide tank stores food-grade N2O in the form of a liquid under high pressure. These tanks can withstand the pressure produced by the compressed N2O because they are made of heavy-duty material, such as steel.

The ability of nitrous oxide to phase change makes it possible to be stored in N2O tanks. In the tanks, the gas is in a liquid state. When released through a pressure regulator, the liquid N2O changes into its gaseous state.

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N2O tanks come equipped with a valve. When the valve opens, nitrous oxide flows from a high-pressure point (the tank) to a low-pressure point (a whipped cream dispenser). A regulator is usually attached to the valve to regulate the pressure and control the flow of nitrous oxide.

Importance of Choosing the Right Size and Type of Tank

Several options are available when considering buying nitrous oxide tanks. However, you must choose the right tank size and type. This way, you will gain logistic advantages, reduce wastage, and ensure the tanks are more eco-friendly.

Factors to Consider When Buying Nitrous Oxide Tanks

Have you evaluated your options and decided that N2O tanks are a better choice? Then, you have to consider the following factors to ensure you are buying a quality tank that will meet your needs.

Purpose of Use

Nowadays, nitrous oxide tanks have many uses, from culinary applications, medical, and automotive, to recreational. For example, N2O tanks designed for the automotive industry may not contain pure nitrous oxide that can be used for culinary, medical, and recreational use. Also, medical and automotive N2O tanks are not as portable as the ones intended for the food service industry.

Required Capacity and Pressure

The bigger the nitrous oxide tank, the longer it will last. You can effectively prepare large amounts of cream for a longer period before you have to order another tank. You may hesitate to order a larger N2O tank because of the higher price tag but the investment will be worth it in the long run. Also, ensure the tank has undergone pressure testing for added safety.

Safety Features and Certifications

It’s important to consider the safety features and certifications of the N2O tanks you want to buy. The first and probably the most important safety feature is the tank material. Choose N2O tanks that are not only made of durable but also pressure-resistant material. Some popular materials you will come across include the following.

  • Stainless steel
  • High-graded carbon steel
  • Aluminum

The second important safety feature is valve safety. It’s the valve that controls the pressure and flow of the nitrous oxide gas. So, make sure it has the appropriate sealing mechanism, a protective cap, and secure threads. It should also be compatible with your pressure regulator.

Another crucial consideration is certifications. Choose nitrous oxide tanks that are ISO certified. A nitrous oxide tank that is ISO 9001 or ISO 9002 certified conforms with international standards.

Brand Reputation and Customer Reviews

Don’t just rely on what a brand says about its N2O tanks. Instead, check online customer reviews for more insight before you make up your mind. They not only exemplify real-life experiences but also provide you with a glimpse into the value, quality, safety, and durability of the nitrous oxide tanks you want to buy.

Availability and Convenience of Refills

The bigger the N2O tank the fewer refills you will need when making whipped cream, toppings, cocktails, and desserts among other culinary applications.

Where to Buy Nitrous oxide tanks

There are many places you can buy quality nitrous oxide tanks. The most popular ones are:

Local Suppliers and Distributors

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These local stores deal with many culinary products, including cleaning supplies, dinnerware, utensils, cookware, and appliances. They also sell food-grade N2O tanks for culinary applications.

Beverage Carbonation Stores

You can find N2O tanks of different sizes for carbonating sparkling water, beer, and soda from popular beverage carbonation stores in your area.

Medical Supply Stores

Stores that sell items for medical, prosthetic, or curative purposes also supply N2O tanks for dental or medical procedures. However, you need proper licensing and documentation to purchase medical-grade N2O tanks.

Auto Performance Stores

If you are looking for nitrous oxide tanks for enhancing engine performance, you can order them from auto-performance stores in your area.

Welding Supply Stores

Are you looking for nitrous oxide for a specific welding application? You can find N2O tanks intended for welding from your local welding supply stores.

Online Retailers and Marketplaces

The most popular online retailers and marketplaces that sell quality nitrous oxide tanks are:


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This large online marketplace sells various N2O tanks from reputable brands. Also, it provides nitrous oxide tanks of different types, sizes, and features.


On the eBay platform, you can find popular nitrous oxide tank types, including the 615g and 640g sizes. Not to mention that the platform offers competitive prices for both new and used tanks.

Specialty Kitchen Supply Stores

These online retailers are committed to providing high-quality kitchen appliances and kitchenware. They are also reliable suppliers of quality N2O tanks for culinary use. You may also find a curated selection of nitrous oxide tanks.

Gas Supply Companies

Industrial and specialty gas-supplying companies may be offering nitrous oxide tanks. Industrial gas suppliers cater to the construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries, whereas speciality gas suppliers offer high-purity gases for specialized manufacturing processes and analytical and scientific research labs.

Industrial gas suppliers mainly focus on large-capacity N2O tanks for automotive performance enhancement, metal fabrication, and welding. In addition to providing safety procedures and regulations, these suppliers are also very efficient at handling bulk orders.

Homebrewing and Beverage Supply Stores

These stores provide a wide range of homebrew ingredients, winemaking supplies, beverage equipment, kegging equipment, and even a range of N2O tank sizes for carbonation applications.

Specialty Nitrous Oxide Retailers

Some online retailers specialize in supplying nitrous oxide tanks and related products. They’ve also got a wide-ranging selection of N2O tanks and accessories.

Online Cream Charger Stores

Here are the top five online cream charger stores that offer high-quality nitrous oxide tanks:


Smartwhip is one of the leading distributors of high-quality cream chargers and nitrous oxide tanks. Established in 2019, this brand supplies quality N2O products to the professional catering industry. Their professional N2O tanks can help your business save money and time on routine refills.

Cream Deluxe

The Cream Deluxe brand has been creating wonderful experiences since 2019 with its unique selection of Cream Deluxe tanks. Their tanks feature high-quality and strong craftsmanship. And they are filled with 99.9 percent pure culinary-grade nitrous oxide.


Elevate your culinary innovations and creations with premium quality N2O chargers and tanks from Starwhip. With more than ten years in the industry, the Starwhip brand has established itself as one of the leading distributors of nitrous oxide products.

4.Fast Gas

If you are looking for high-quality, certified nitrous oxide gas that is discretely packaged, Fast Gas is one of the most reliable suppliers to consider. The company was founded in 2018 to meet the needs of the business-to-business market and consumers.


Whipped cream lovers will appreciate the high-quality cream chargers from iSi. It is one of the top companies that represent the highest level of quality in the nitrous oxide products industry. Their cream chargers are certified by ISO and HACCP.

Tips for Buying Nitrous Oxide Tanks

It’s important to buy quality, safe, and durable nitrous oxide tanks. With many options available today, identifying the best N2O tanks can be challenging for some people. But, here are four useful tips that can help you with your search:

  • Research and Compare Prices

Research is important because it will help you determine which brand best meets your needs. You will also be able to visit a variety of stores to compare sizes and prices while establishing a pattern.

  • Read Product Descriptions and Specifications Carefully

Although most nitrous oxide tank brands use descriptions to market their products, they are extremely informative. You can learn several things from product descriptions and specifications, such as the capacity of the tank, purity and flavor of the N2O gas, installation, and safety features and regulations.

  • Check for Warranty and Return Policy

Buying a nitrous oxide tank covered by a genuine warranty can provide peace of mind when it turns out to be defective. Also, make sure the return policy is not only flexible but also customer-friendly.

  • Consider the Reputation and Reliability of the Seller

The best way to learn about a company’s reputation and reliability is by reading genuine customer reviews online. But be careful not to be misled by biased reviews.

In Summary

There are many local and online places you can buy high-quality oxide nitrous tanks. But the ones presented in this guide are some of the most reputable and reliable ones. You can hardly go wrong with any of the places we have recommended in this guide. Find the best quality oxide nitrous tank that will help you make your culinary imaginations a reality.

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