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You may feel as though you are pretty familiar with Smartwhip. This well-established cream charger brand is one of the most recognizable companies in the industry. But there is probably a lot you don’t know about the brand. The following questions can help best explain all the important things about Smartwhip.

Are Smartwhip Illegal?

It’s not illegal to buy and possess the Smartwhip canister as long as you are 21 years or older. It is also generally considered not to be illegal to use the Smartwhip N2O canister for culinary purposes, such as making whipped cream, desserts, and toppings. But it is illegal to supply Smartwhip for its psychoactive effects.

Is Smartwhip Illegal in the UK?

It may probably be illegal to sell, buy, or possess Smartwhip in the United Kingdom as the government plans to ban laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as it’s graded as a class C drug.

The new proposal by the UK government states that the sale of nitrous oxide products like Smartwhip will be banned. The ban was anticipated after the ACMD (Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs) warned against such moves.

According to the ACMD, the move could restrict the legal use of the gas contained in products like Smartwhip. And the government may launch new hot spot police to cover more than ten areas in the UK.

What is a Smartwhip Drug?

A Smartwhip drug refers to the nitrous oxide gas inside the Smartwhip cylinder. This product is considered a drug when used recreationally. It is a dissociative anaesthetic that is known to cause a sense of floating and even visual hallucinations. The effects of the Smartwhip drug differ from one user to another when inhaled from a balloon. With most people, the drug may cause euphoric effects along with feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Balloons Smartwhip

They refer to balloons made by Smartwhip for filling nitrous oxide or laughing gas for recreational use. The balloons are a source of temporary hallucinogenic effects and euphoria.

Cream Deluxe Smartwhip

Both Cream Deluxe and Smartwhip are producers and distributors of disposable nitrous oxide cylinders. The two companies were launched in 2019 to deliver high-quality N2O products. But of the two brands, Smartwhip is the one that pioneered the creation of a large-capacity nitrous oxide tank as an upgrade and replacement of the traditional 8-gram N2O chargers.

Can You Take Smartwhip on a Plane?

You cannot take a Smartwhip cylinder aboard a plane because it is listed as a hazardous material (HAZMAT).

So, this means the Smartwhip and any other disposable cylinder that contains N2O is subject to special shipping regulations. The product contains highly pressurized liquid nitrous oxide, which can explode when exposed to heat.

If aviation security finds this product in your carry-on luggage, you will be stopped from moving through the screening point. Usually, aviation security uses X-rays to screen bags for dangerous items or things that are considered to be hazardous materials.

Dangers of Smartwhip

The Smartwhip cylinder is relatively safe for use in food preparation. But there are several dangers associated with this product if mishandled, misused or inhaled irresponsibly. The following are the most common dangers of Smartwhip.

Can Explode: Smartwhip contains liquid nitrous oxide under high pressure. Therefore, the cylinder can explode if it comes into contact with heat or if it is crashed.

Frostbites and Cold Burns: Smartwhip must be used as directed by the manufacturer. Any attempts to use the cylinder directly without a pressure regulator or pressure release valve may cause accidental cold burns or frostbite because the gas is extremely cold when escaping the tank.

Impaired Judgement: Inhaling the gas contained in the Smartwhip tank makes you get high. When you are high, your judgement may be impaired, leading to accidents or putting you in dangerous situations.

Does Smartwhip Make You High?

You will get high when you inhale nitrous oxide gas from the Smartwhip product. The gas can make you feel euphoric, giggly, relaxed, and happy. But the gas can also make you feel dizzy and lightheaded, and even experience distortion. All these feelings combined make people feel high.

Effects of Smartwhip

Inhaling nitrous oxide from a Smartwhip cylinder can cause euphoric feelings and uncontrollable laughter. However, if the gas is misused, the effects may be dangerous. Some undesirable effects may include numbness, depletion of vitamin B12, memory loss, and weakened immune system to mention a few.

Fast Gas Vs Smartwhip

Fast Gas and Smartwhip are two of the most popular cream charger brands in the world. However, there are a few things that distinguish these two brands.

Product Line: Smartwhip only deals with disposable nitrous oxide canisters, while FastGas produces and supplies disposable nitrous oxide, coconut nitrous oxide, helium, and carbon dioxide cylinders.

Flavours: Smartwhip nitrous oxide is available in four flavours (original, watermelon, strawberry, and blueberry), whereas FastGas nitrous oxide is available in two flavours (original and coconut).

Cylinder Material: Smartwhip manufactures lightweight aluminium cylinders, but FastGas produces stainless steel disposable tanks.

Capacity: Smartwhip supplies 615g and 640g nitrous oxide canisters, whereas FastGas distributes 600g, 1250g, and 2000g N2O cylinders.

What is Gold Smartwhip?

Gold Smartwhip is one of the lightest aluminium nitrous oxide tanks in the business. The cylinder is lightweight but holds more gas. This product is also highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and incredibly clean compared to conventional disposable cylinders.

How to Use Smartwhip without a Nozzle?

If you don’t have the Smartwhip nozzle, you can use a pressure regulator and a whipped cream dispenser to fill your balloons.

How many Balloons are in a Smartwhip?

One Smartwhip tank is the equivalent of eighty-plus small cream chargers (8g). And one small cream charger can be used to inflate about fifty standard-sized whippet balloons with food-grade nitrous oxide gas. According to the math, you should be able to fill roughly four thousand whippet balloons with N2O using one Smartwhip tank.

How to Dispose of Smartwhip?

First, you must ensure the tank is completely empty and depressurized before disposing of it. You will need a pushdown or twist-down pressure release valve to discharge an empty Smartwhip nitrous oxide tank. Once that’s done, dispose of the tank at a local recycling centre in your area that accepts empty N2O canisters.

Is Smartwhip Laughing Gas

Smartwhip refers to the disposable cylinder that the brand manufactures. But the gas filled into the cylinder is laughing gas. The gas is referred to as laughing gas because of the happy feeling it provides when inhaled. A recreational user may laugh uncontrollably after inhaling nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

Long-Term Effects of Smartwhip

People who are addicted to Smartwhip are highly likely to experience long-term effects. Some of the most common long-term effects include:

  • Memory loss
  • Incontinence
  • Psychosis
  • Vitamin B12 depletion
  • Nerve and brain damage
  • Subacute permanent disability
  • Depression
  • Numbness in feet and hands
  • Weakened immune system
  • Psychological dependence

What is Smartwhip Silver?

Smartwhip Silver is one of the new and improved disposable N2O cylinders in the brand’s product line. It has a 640-gram capacity and is filled with pure culinary-grade nitrous oxide. Unlike conventional N2O tanks, Smartwhip Silver’s unique cream charging technology is more efficient at reducing wastage.

What are Smartwhip Balloons?

These are latex balloons that are popular with recreational users of nitrous oxide. Smartwhip balloons are elastic and can take up lots of air. They can be inflated up to five times the size of normal balloons.

Where Order Smartwhip Online?

The first place you can order Smartwhip products is the brand’s official website. You can also order the product from popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, special kitchen supply stores, gas supply companies, specialty nitrous oxide retailers, and Homebrewing and beverage supply stores.

What is Smartwhip Used For?

The main and intended use of Smartwhip is for culinary applications like whipped cream, cocktails, desserts, and toppings. However, recreational users are also using Smartwhip to get high by inflating balloons with nitrous oxide.

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