Pressure Regulator For Nirous Oxide N2O Tanks

Upgrade Your Whipping Experience with GreatWhip Pressure Regulator for 580G-640G Nitrous Oxide Tank!

  • Enjoy maximum safety with gas leakage-free design and efficient pressure regulation.
  • Crafted from premium upgraded PP material, the filling hose ensures lasting durability.
  • Compatible with most whippers on the market, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.
  • Suitable for most N2O tanks, this pressure regulator provides a seamless experience for all your whipped cream needs.
  • Upgrade your whipped cream game with GreatWhip Pressure Regulator!
  • Our chargers are easily installed with a GreatWhip pressure regulator, making them compatible with most whipped cream dispensers.
  • With a high-quality coating that improves rust prevention, our chargers are built to last and provide reliable performance for all your culinary needs.
  • Please note that our GreatWhip whipped cream chargers are only for professional use.



Are you seeking precise pressure when preparing dishes, foams, or desserts? Look no further than the Great Whip pressure regulator. This efficient tool can regulate your desired tension, consistently delivering consistent results. It’s compatible with most N2O tank brands, including Great Whip, Infusionmax, Smartwhip, and Fastgas.

  • Safety is Key-Rest easy knowing that this Nitrous Oxide Tank Pressure Regulator has undergone rigorous testing to meet high gas release pressure, safety, and air tightness standards.
  • Quality Guaranteed-Our Pressure Regulator has passed various verifications, providing quality assurance and maximum safety.
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