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You’ve probably come across the FastGas brand during your search for online cream charger stores. It’s among the top brands in the food-grade nitrous oxide industry that distributes quality nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and helium gas for consumers and the business-to-business market. Today, we’ll go through everything you need to know about FastGas.

About FastGas

FastGas is a fast-growing nitrous oxide company that likes to think big. The owners of the brand founded it to provide nitrous oxide products that improve efficiency for chefs when preparing their favourite recipes.


FastGas joined the nitrous oxide industry in 2018. It was established by a team of five ambitious individuals whose goal was to dominate the culinary-grade N2O market.

Ever since, this incredible company has developed a large team of more than 200 high-performing employees. With such massive manpower, the brand’s reach has increased to more than 40 countries from three different continents.

FastGas developed even further in 2022 by increasing its worldwide distribution of helium, culinary-grade N2O, and CO2.

Core Values and Services of FastGas?

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The success story of FastGas is mainly attributed to its core values. It is through these values that the brand has been able to be more focused and more efficient ever since it was established.

  • Quality

Unlike most conventional companies, FastGas consider its products and services to be an extension of itself. That’s why they strive for nothing short of perfection. Their customers have confidence in the quality of products the company has been delivering since it was established. Not to mention that they offer reliable customer service and support.

  • Teamwork

It’s teamwork that has enabled this brand to have disciplined collaboration. FastGas owners believe that working with others is crucial and that they are willing to be part of teams and commit to collective goals. The leaders of the company have been giving voice to the value of teamwork since 2018. They insist on teamwork in everything they do and also encourage individual creativity.

  • Competitive Pricing

The brand strives to offer competitive pricing across the board in every country and continent they exist. The owners of this business believe that their distributors should get the best possible prices. Through this strategy, FastGast has not only been able to increase its customers but also make acceptable profits.

  • Learning

FastGas bosses and employees never stop learning as their business grows. Their four-plus years of experience in the disposable N2O cylinders business have enabled them to be more proficient in product and service delivery.

  • Adding Value

Aside from distributing high-quality disposable nitrous oxide cylinders, FastGas believe in providing additional value to its customers. So, they also provide a photo gallery, free video, and promotional material to their distributors.

  • Ease of Communication

Another thing that makes FastGas an incredible company in the disposable cylinder business is effective communication. They’ve got a team of highly responsive customer support agents who are ready to help in any way they can. Individual customers and distributors can reach the support team via direct calls or emails.

Where to Buy FastGas Online?

Are you looking for high-quality FastGas cream chargers and cylinders online? There are at least six places you can buy them online.


You’ve probably bought so many things online from the Amazon store. But, did you know that they also sell quality cream chargers and nitrous oxide tanks from reputable brands like FastGas? They do and they provide them in a wide variety of quantities from a pack of one cylinder up to a pack of twelve plus canisters. Another impressive benefit of buying from Amazon is that they provide additional info on the product, such as the cylinder size and material, N2O amount and purity, recycling details, and directions of use.


Just like Amazon, eBay is another great online marketplace that deals with a wide variety of products, including FastGas nitrous oxide tanks of different sizes. This reliable brand ensures customers and distributors receive their FastGas cylinders in good shape as they left the store. In addition, this marketplace also provides detailed product descriptions that helps you learn more about the FastGas cartridges before paying for them online.

Speciality Nitrous Oxide Retailers

Some online retailers are mainly invested in the supply of specialty nitrous oxide products for food, medical, and industrial purposes. They maintain some of the largest networks of N2O manufacturing firms and they usually have impressive supply chains. You may be able to find quality FastGas cartridges and tanks from these online retailers.

Gas Supply Companies

Gas suppliers who are licensed to provide natural and food-grade gas products may also be selling reliable FastGas cylinders. However, these suppliers do normally deal with commercial and industrial customers who buy gas in larger quantities.

Homebrewing and Beverage Supply Stores

Online stores that deal with Homebrewing and beverage supplies are also a good place to look for FastGas cream chargers. Whether you are looking for small cream chargers or large-capacity FastGas cylinders for commercial use, these online stores should be able to help you.

Specialty Kitchen Supply Stores

Whether you are a barista, home cook, or professional chef in search of quality FastGas cylinders, you may be lucky enough to find them from specialty kitchen supply stores online. We’ve recommended these stores because they deal with a wide range of kitchen and food products, including food-grade gases like nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and helium.

How to Use FastGast

Did you know that FastGas and Starwhip are among the few brands in the disposable cylinder business that provide a written manual and a video tutorial on how to use their products? You can find the manual on the blog section of the brand’s website.

You need a FastGas cylinder, a pressure regulator, a filling hose, an adapter, and an appealing recipe to make good use of the gas. The steps are simple and quick and include the following.

Video sourced from FastGas on YouTube

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredients

The nitrous oxide from a FastGas cylinder is just a propellant. You need to prepare the ingredients to make your recipe a reality. The simplest thing you can make is a whipped cream recipe, which needs heavy cream and some syrup or powdered sugar. Make sure you measure the portions according to the size of your whipped cream dispenser.

Step 2: Set Up the Regulator, FastGas, and Dispenser

Screw your nitrous oxide regulator to the FastGas N2O tank. Next, attach one end of your filling hose to the pressure regulator and the other end to the head of your whipped cream dispenser. Make sure the head of the cream whipper is properly secured to avoid nitrous oxide leakages when pressurizing the dispenser bottle.

Step 3: Charge the Dispenser with N2O

Slowly twist and turn the control knob of the pressure regulator to set the working pressure and allow the flow of nitrous oxide from the FastGas cylinder to the dispenser. You need, however, to be careful of how much nitrous oxide you are injecting into the cream whipper. You can use online guides for reference, such as the one provided on the FastGas website.

A 5 bar pressure should be enough for one portion, 6.5 bar for two portions, 8 bar for three portions, 10 bar for four portions, and so on.

Step 4: Disconnect the Set Up

Detach the filling hose from the whipped cream dispenser head. Then, detach the pressure regulator from the FastGas tank and store the parts separately. Now, shake the N2O charged cream whipper to mix the gas with the ingredients. Attach your desired decorating nozzle, turn the dispenser upside down, and press the extract lever to serve delicious whipped cream.

Best Nitrous Oxide Cylinder Brands

In addition to FastGas and Starwhip, there are other popular brands on the market that supply high-quality nitrous oxide cylinders.


As we have seen in this guide, FastGas is a fast-growing company that caters to a large market in different countries and continents. The brand manufactures cylinders that meet the required ISO and EN standards.


You can unlock the art of culinary perfection with Starwhip cylinders. This online producer and distributor of nitrous oxide solutions uses high-quality materials and modern equipment to guarantee superior product quality. The company website is uniquely designed to be customer-friendly for hassle-free shopping.


Another popular brand that is loved by many chefs globally is Smartwhip. This brand has an impressive history as one of the pioneering companies of nitrous oxide tanks that replaced traditional cream chargers. It is a brand that has done a good job of transforming the business ever since it was established.


iSi has set new standards with its innovation and experience. Aside from supplying high-quality cream chargers, iSi also provides amazing recipes for home and professional chefs to emulate.

Cream Deluxe

Whether you are cooking in a home or commercial kitchen, Cream Deluxe has reliable, efficient, and time-saving solutions for you. Their products are not only unique in design but also in quality. The Cream Deluxe Maxxi 2000g tank, for instance, has some kind of a handle for easy carrying around the kitchen.


What are the effects of FastGas?

The FastGas cylinder contains food-grade nitrous oxide. This gas usually makes people feel euphoric and happy when they inhale it from a balloon. When the gas is used as a food additive, it helps aerate heavy cream to produce delicious whipped cream.

How to dispose of FastGas?

You can dispose of an empty and depressurized FastGas cylinder at your local recycling center. Most FastGas cylinders come with a pressure release nozzle, which you can use to empty and completely discharge the tank before disposing of it at a recycling center.

How many balloons are in a FastGas?

One 8g cream charger is enough to inflate one balloon. A FastGas cylinder is equivalent to around eighty plus 8g cream chargers. So, one tank should be able to inflate around eighty balloons without overpressurizing them.

Is FastGas illegal?

The legality of nitrous oxide is somehow controversial. Most countries that allow FastGas to be sold to their citizens consider the product to be legal for use as a food propellant and illegal for recreational use.

Is FastGas a drug?

The nitrous oxide in the FastGas cylinder is considered a drug when inhaled from balloons. This is so because of its psychoactive effects. The purest form of the gas that is used at the dentist is also considered a drug because of its anesthetic effects.

Is FastGas dangerous?

If not handled properly, the FastGas cylinder may intensify or cause a fire. The tank can explode because of the highly pressurized gas. The nitrous oxide inside the tank may displace oxygen and lead to suffocation if used irresponsibly by recreational users.


FastGas, Starwhip, and other cream charger companies were founded on solid principles that ensure the end user gets the best quality and efficiency. These brands meet high-quality standards (ISO and EN) to ensure home and professional chefs receive the purest nitrous oxide in durable cylinders.

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