How to Use Cream Chargers to Get High: Responsible Tips

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The use of nitrous oxide or laughing gas has become one of the most used recreational drugs. Huge numbers of young people inhale laughing gas for the sole purpose of getting high. But are they doing it right? In today’s post, we’ll cover important tips for learning how to responsibly use a cream charger to get high.

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What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide aka laughing gas, happy crack, nangs, NOS, nitro, buzz bomb, or balloons is a colorless gas that is commonly used for whipping cream, pain relief, sedation, and getting high. When used as a food additive, N2O acts as a propellant for creating whipped cream, exotic cocktails, culinary foams, marinades, and delicate sauces. When inhaled as a drug, N2O makes you experience a floaty and relaxed feeling. If used responsibly, nitrous oxide can help ease anxiety and lower stress. The gas is commonly sold in small cylinders or canisters of different sizes. The most popular cylinder sizes are 8g and 615g.

Whippits are a Real Problem

Whippits or whippets contain nitrous oxide. This gas is popular in many kitchens for dispensing whipped cream. But when inhaled it gives euphoric effects. This is why many young people from different parts of the world inhale nitrous oxide to get high.

Although inhaling N2O from a balloon may seem harmless, abuse of the gas can lead to adverse effects. It can be very dangerous to your health if not used responsibly. Long-term inhalation of this gas can lead to several neurological problems, such as SACD, myelopathy, and neuropathy. Even those who don’t abuse whippits can feel dizzy and pass out. This can lead to accidents and physical injuries.

How to Use Cream Chargers to Get High

There is more than one way you can use cream chargers to get high. Here are useful tips for learning how to responsibly use a cream charger to get high:

NoS Cracker Method

What You Need

Steps-By-Step Guidelines

Step 1: Unscrew the Cracker

Turn the cap of the cracker anticlockwise until it separates from the main body. All crackers usually unscrew in the same manner.

Step 2: Insert a Cream Charger

Insert a cream charger into the main body of the cracker, making sure that the seal is facing up. Screw the cap until there is no gap.

Step 3: Fit the Cracker to a Balloon

The lid part of the cracker has two holes. Now, insert this section into the mouth of the balloon (approximately 1 centimeter). Take precautions not to damage the balloon if you have sharp nails.

Step 4: Fill Your Balloon with N2O

We recommend you wear protective gloves or at least one glove for the hand that will be unscrewing the cracker. This will keep you protected from cold burns.

Gently and methodically unscrew the cracker to puncture the seal and release nitrous oxide into the balloon. One hand should be holding the mouth of the balloon in place while the other one unscrews the cracker.

Wait for all the gas to be injected into the balloon before you screw and tighten the Nos cracker.

Then, slowly slide the cracker out of the balloon while ensuring that the mouth is secured to prevent the gas from escaping.

Cream Whipper Method

What You Need

Steps-By-Step Guidelines

Step 1; Unscrew the Charger Holder

Attach the head to the dispenser with all its parts intact. Next, unscrew the charger holder from the head of the dispenser.

Step 2: Charge the Dispenser with a Cream Charger

Take one cream charger and place it into the nitrous oxide charger holder. The seal should be facing outward when inserting a whippit into the holder. Place the holder back into the head and screw to tighten.

Step 3: Fill the Balloon with Laughing Gas

Continue to screw the holder into the head until you puncture the seal and inject laughing gas into the dispenser. Usually, the N2O produces some kind of sound when the seal is broken. Attach the mouth of the balloon to the dispenser and hold tight. Press the extraction lever continuously to inject all the gas into the balloon.

You can do more than one whippit with this method. Just hold the balloon in place, unscrew the charger holder, insert a whippit, screw the charger holder, and press the extraction lever to increase the volume of N2O in the balloon.

615g Nitrous Oxide Tank Method

What You Need

Steps-By-Step Guidelines

Step 1: Connect the Pressure Regulator

Attach the pressure regulator to the tank. Make sure the tank is on a flat, stable surface.

Step 2: Connect the Adaptor to the Dispenser Head

Remove the built-in screw from your dispenser head and attach the adaptor screw. The attachment should be tight to prevent leakages.

Step 3: Connect the Pressure Regulator Hose

Attach the pressure regulator hose by pushing it into the adaptor screw. You will know the system is connected if you hear a clicking sound.

Step 4: Set Gas Pressure Accordingly

You are not whipping cream instead you are filling balloons with the N2O gas. So, you have to use your judgment when increasing the pressure. But we recommend a 6 to 9 bar pressure for inexperienced users.

Step 5: Release N2O into the Dispenser

Turn the pressure knob in the direction of the minus symbol, while pressing the handle of the whipped cream dispenser.

Step 6: Disconnect the Pressure Regulator Hose

Pull the moveable portion of the connector to detach the pressure regulator hose from the whipped cream dispenser head.

Step 7: Fill Your Balloons

Wear a glove and attach a balloon to the adaptor screw. Slowly press the extraction lever to inject nitrous oxide into the balloon. Depending on the pressure, the dispenser may have too much N2O in it. So, be careful not to overfill the balloon.

Side Effects of Laughing Gas

Nitrous oxide aka laughing gas is popular in creating whipped cream and pain relief in the dentist’s office. But, did you know that there is an ugly side to the recreational use of laughing gas?
For starters, there is no safe level when inhaling nitrous oxide. Even a small amount could be fatal depending on your health and whether you are taking N2O with other drugs. The most common effects people feel when inhaling the gas include:

  • Euphoria
  • Calmness
  • Relaxation
  • Sedation
  • Uncontrollable laughter
  • Numbness of the body
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Uncoordinated movements
  • Headache
  • Sweating
  • Not thinking straight
  • Blurred vision
  • Giddiness
  • And in rare cases, sudden death

Long-Term Effects

Repeated recreational use of laughing gas can lead to the following long-term effects.

B12 Deficiency

Did you know that B12 and B9 are very important to your body? Without these two vitamins, you will fall victim to several neurological and non-neurological problems.

Long-term inhalation of laughing gas can lead to B12 deficiency and all its symptoms. The deficiency of B12 in your body can affect the nervous system. This can cause numbness and tingling and lead to loss of feeling in your extremities.

Nerve Damage

According to experts, the recreational use of nitrous oxide is associated with neurological effects. This includes SACD, neuropathy, and myelopathy. The common system people usually feel due to nerve damage includes weakness in the limbs, tingling, and numbness.


Another long-term effect is anemia, which is normally caused by B12 deficiency due to repeated use of N2O. Deficiency in B12 limits the production of enough healthy red blood cells. So, you lose the ability to transfer oxygen around your body.

Cognitive Impairment

Inhaling nitrous oxide for a long time can make you experience cognitive impairment. You can have trouble remembering, concentrating, learning new things, or making decisions that affect your everyday life. You can experience mild or severe cognitive impairment depending on your N2O usage.


Recreational use of nitrous oxide can be addictive just like any drug out there. Repeated and long-term use can make you physically and psychologically dependent on laughing gas.

Mixing with Other Drugs

The risks that come with the use of nitrous oxide are dangerous. They can get worse if you mix N2O with other drugs. You will not only be increasing blood pressure, but also disrupting your heart rate.

Experts say that combining N2O with drugs like magic mushrooms, cannabis, LSD, salvia, and ketamine can lead to auditory or visual hallucinations and intense dissociation. Similarly, inhaling laughing gas while taking alcohol can increase dizziness and nausea.

The side effects of N2O can intensify if you are already taking drugs that cause drowsiness. This can be the case for people on sleeping medications or narcotic pain relievers.

Health and Safety

At -40C, the N2O shooting out of a whippit is intensely cold and can burn parts of your mouth, tongue, and internal organs.

If the gas is cold enough, it can kill any live cells that it comes in contact with within your body. If the damage to your cells is irreparable, you will have to undergo surgery to have the affected parts removed. The high, constant pressure of the gas can also rupture lung tissue.

That’s why it is recommended not to breathe laughing gas directly from a cream charger. Instead, inject the gas into a balloon to help warm it and normalize its pressure before breathing.

Furthermore, beware of leaking cream chargers and faulty N2O dispensers. They can explode and cause you serious cold burns. A faulty Nos cracker can cause frostbite when trying to inject the gas into a balloon.

Things You Can Do to Ensure Your Safety While Doing Whippets

Image sourced from bbc.com

We recommend you use the buddy system (work together with your buddy to help each other whenever necessary) when doing whippets. With that said, here are things you can do to improve your safety:

  • Do whippets with a relative or friend and never alone. You will be able to look out for each other in case of an adverse reaction.
  • Always remain seated when inhaling N2O. The greatest risk of using this gas is injury from falling because the gas can cause you to lose motor control.
  • Never inhale the gas directly from a canister. Inhaling directly from a cream charger can cause severe frostbite to your mouth and tongue. Balloons are much safer because they normalize the pressure and warm the gas.
  • Don’t place a plastic bag over your head. This can deprive you of oxygen and force you to pass out. The situation can be dire if you are in the water, near heights, or driving.
  • Your brain needs sufficient oxygen. So, make sure you are doing whippets in a well-ventilated area that is free of flammable substances. Similarly, take a few breaths of fresh air in between inhalations to ensure your brain gets enough oxygen.
  • Never mix laughing gas with other substances. Although there isn’t a lot of information about this concept, it is still ill-advised to combine nitrous oxide with other recreational drugs. You don’t want to find out the hard way how severe the effects can be.
  • Avoid laughing gas when pregnant. According to research, the gas may cause birth defects and loss of pregnancy among other reproductive problems.
  • Laughing gas has mild addiction potential. So, using it for a long time can lead to long-standing numbness in the extremities.
  • Only use pure culinary-grade nitrous oxide that is free of impurities, such as oily residues and aftertaste.

Final Thoughts

If you are an average person, you are probably doing whippets the wrong way. But you can do whippets right the next time and stay safe with our tips for learning how to responsibly use a cream charger to get high. In addition, beware that not all cream chargers you come across have pure food-grade nitrous oxide. So, do your due diligence before buying cream chargers online or from your local store.


How do you get high with N2O?

Use a Nos cracker or a whipped cream dispenser to inject N2O into a balloon. Inhale the gas from the balloon in small puffs and take a few breaths of fresh air in between inhalation to keep your brain oxygenated.

How do you use a N2O tank?

Use an adaptor screw to connect a pressure regulator to your whipped cream dispenser. Next, set the ideal pressure and inject nitrous oxide into the dispenser. Remove the pressure regulator hose from the dispenser. Now, attach a balloon to the dispenser and press the lever to fill it with enough N2O.

Are nitrous oxide canisters a legal high?

Yes, N2O canisters are considered a legal high. That’s because of their effects, which are not socially acceptable. They are legal only for uses other than making you get high.

Is nitrous oxide no laughing matter?

It isn’t a laughing matter. Although the gas is considered safe by dentists and for making whipped cream, its effects can be dire if inhaled irresponsibly. Dizziness, loss of blood pressure, and numbness are among the many side effects of inhaling laughing gas.

What happens if you inhale too much NOS?

Too much nitrous oxide and not enough oxygen can make you fall unconscious or suffocate. In some serious cases, patients have died from lack of oxygen.

How long does Nos last high?

The effects of laughing gas take only a few moments to kick in. The euphoria or happy feelings usually last 1 to 2 minutes.

Does laughing gas work on everyone?

It is an efficient and secure sedative, but it may not work for everyone. There are risks involved with the use of the gas depending on your health and the type of medication you are on. For example, N2O may not be ideal for pregnant women, people who take alcohol, and people with respiratory problems.

Can laughing gas cause anxiety?

When used medically, nitrous oxide can help calm patients with anxiety. Recreationally, laughing gas can cause cognitive problems, panic, and depression.

Will I remember after laughing gas?

Nitrous oxide can make you experience short memory loss. You may not be able to remember what happened when under the influence of laughing gas.

Is nitrous oxide good to inhale?

It is not good to inhale laughing gas directly from a cream charger because it can burn your mouth and cause spasms in the throat muscles.

How long does nitrous oxide take to put you to sleep?

In a controlled medical environment, N2O takes roughly 2 to 3 minutes to put you to sleep. The same cannot be said for recreational users. The effects may be fatal with prolonged use.

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