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Are you a rookie in doing nangs? You’ve come to the right place. You need to know what cream chargers are and understand how they work. Then, explore the most efficient ways to use cream chargers with balloons. In today’s post, we will take you through our top tips on how to use cream chargers with balloons safely and responsibly. So, let’s dive right in!

What are Cream Chargers?

They are N2O cylinders that contain pure, culinary-grade nitrous oxide gas. Cream chargers are available in a wide range of sizes, such as 8g, 2000g, 640g, and 615g. The different sizes refer to the amount of nitrous oxide contained in the canister. For example, the 8g cream chargers contain eight grams of nitrous oxide gas.

Understanding Cream Chargers

Cream chargers are usually made of heavy-duty, food-grade steel. Unlike other forms of metal, food-grade steel is considered safe for storing nitrous oxide that’s meant for human use. This material is ingeniously designed to resist rusting that could otherwise contaminate the gas.

Food-grade nitrous oxide cylinders are purposefully made to have a cylindrical shape with a threaded neck. This unique shape makes the 8g cream chargers compatible with whipped cream dispensers. The shape also allows for easy threading of pressure regulators on nitrous oxide tanks.

Cream chargers are made to be strong and stable to withstand the high pressure of compressed nitrous oxide. The superior integrity of the steel design prevents cream chargers from leaking and rupturing. But, it’s recommended to only buy high-quality cream chargers that meet strict safety standards.

Common Uses

Here are the common uses of whipped cream chargers:

a)Making Whipped Cream

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Cream chargers are mainly manufactured for whipping cream. When the food-grade nitrous oxide gas is injected into a cream whipper containing heavy cream, it mixes and aerates the cream. This creates fluffy and smooth whipped cream when you press the lever of the whipped cream dispenser. It’s much easier to control the consistency of the whipped cream when using cream chargers and cream with high-fat content.

b) Creating Infusions

Baristas use cream chargers to make alcoholic infusions. Just add the desired amount of alcohol and other ingredients to a whipped cream dispenser and pressurize it with a cream charger. You can also use cream chargers to infuse marinades, syrups, sauces, and oils in a matter of minutes.

c) Cocktails Preparation

It has never been easier to make cocktails than with the help of a whipped cream dispenser and cream chargers. You can quickly make a cocktail by mixing gin, sliced turmeric, and nitrous oxide from cream chargers. It should not take you more than a few minutes to enjoy a tasty glass of cocktails.

d) Getting High

There was a time when cream chargers were only used for food preparation. Nowadays, they are common among recreational users. Some people use laughing gas crackers to fill balloons with the nitrous oxide contained in cream chargers, whereas others use a whipped cream dispenser. Young people inhale nitrous oxide for its euphoric effects.

Importance of Safety

Cream chargers are pressurized canisters that contain nitrous oxide at a high-pressure level. So, it is crucial to use them safely to avoid potential risks and dangers. Here are some safety tips to consider:

Pressure Hazard

You should always consider cream chargers to be pressure hazards. They contain compressed nitrous oxide that shoots out of the canister at high speeds. Any mishandling could expose you to potential dangers. Don’t expose a cream charger to heat or puncture it because it can explode in your face and cause serious injuries.

Frostbite / Cold

BurnsCompressed nitrous oxide is super cold. Make sure the cream chargers you are ordering are damage-free. Use a whipped cream dispenser with a durable head gasket that can form a tight seal to prevent leakages that may expose you to frostbite. It’s also safer to wear protective gloves when charging a dispenser with cream chargers.

Overpressurizing a Dispenser

Although rare, overcharging a whipped cream dispenser may force it to explode. Another problem of overpressurizing a cream whipper is a stuck extraction lever. Always use a high-quality pressure regulator with a cream charger tank to avoid overcharging a whipped cream dispenser.

Top Tips for Using Cream Chargers

Here are the top tips for using cream chargers safely:

1. Follow the Provided Instructions

Every cream charger package comes with a specific set of instructions that you have to follow. The instructions can tell you how to correctly use cream chargers to pressurize a whipped cream dispenser and the appropriate amount of gas to use in one go.

2. Take Into Account Important Safety Considerations

The best way to avoid potential risks is by taking into account important safety considerations. For starters, handle cream chargers with care to avoid puncturing the seal. This will help protect you from freeze burns.

Use cream chargers with a Nos cracker or a whipped cream dispenser in a well-ventilated area. You need a sufficient supply of oxygen in case you get exposed to leakages while filling balloons with laughing gas.

3. Don’t Breathe N2O Directly from a Cream Charger

You don’t want to find out the hard way what the compressed gas in the cream charger can do to your lungs. It is stored under a constant super high pressure and it’s cold. The immediate effects of inhaling the gas may prove fatal.

4. Cream Chargers Shouldn’t Be Mix with Other Substances

The effects of mixing nitrous oxide from cream chargers with other substances like alcohol are unpredictable. It is important to use cream chargers responsibly to avoid the worst.

5. Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women Should Avoid Cream Chargers

There isn’t a lot of information on the effects of using pure nitrous oxide without oxygen for pregnant and breastfeeding women. It’s much safer to avoid them altogether.

6. Dispose of Empty Chargers Responsibly

Don’t throw empty cream chargers into regular trash because they can explode when crashed. The most responsible thing to do is empty and depressurize the cream chargers. Then contact a local recycling center and inquire about how to dispose of empty cream chargers.

7. Check if the Seal is Still Intact

Cream chargers don’t have an expiration date. The nitrous oxide contained inside the chargers doesn’t go bad. But the seal isn’t designed to last a long time. It may start to go bad at some point and allow the gas to escape. So, make sure the seal is good.

8. Have a First Aid Kit

It’s recommended to have a first aid kit somewhere in the house when using cream chargers. You can lose coordination, fall, and get injured. A first aid kit can help you deal with minor cuts.

Laughing Gas Cracker

It’s easy to use a laughing gas cracker. You will need three things – a cracker, a balloon, and a compatible cream charger.

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Step 1: Unscrew the Cracker

Hold the bottom part of the laughing gas cracker with one hand and unscrew the top with the other hand.

Step 2: Feed the Cartridge into the Cracker

Get one 8g cream charger and feed it into the bottom piece of the cracker. The slender part of the cream charger should be facing up. Screw the cracker lid back on and ensure there is no gap.

Step 3: Attach the Balloon and Dispense the Gas

Slide the mouth of the balloon into the top part of the cracker – the side with holes. Hold the balloon tightly and twist the bottom part of the cracker to break the cream charger seal and dispense nitrous oxide into the balloon. Remove and secure the N2O balloon.

Cream Whipper

You may not need a cracker if you have a cream whipper. The following steps can help you use a cream whipper correctly.

Step 1: Insert the 8-Gram Canister Into the Holder

Make sure the cream whipper is clean and dry. Tighten the head to prevent leakages. Unscrew the holder and insert the 8g canister. Attach the holder to the built-in screw and tighten until the gas is dispensed into the cream whipper.

Insert the Balloon into the Nozzle

Step 2: Insert the Balloon into the Nozzle

Slide the balloon opening into the dispenser nozzle and secure it in place to avoid cold burns.

Insert the Balloon into the Nozzle

Step 3: Release the Gas into the Balloon

Press the lever of the cream whipper to dispense nitrous oxide into the balloon. Gently pull the N2O balloon out of the nozzle and secure the opening.

Release the Gas into the Balloon

Step 4: Breath from the Balloon

Inhale enough oxygen and then breathe the laughing gas from the balloon in small puffs. Take breaths of air in between to avoid oxygen deprivation.

Ensuring Balloon Safety

Balloon safety is important to avoid frostbite accidents. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing balloons for doing nangs:

Balloon Material Considerations

Choose balloons made of high-quality material. The most ideal materials are thick rubber or latex that can withstand stretching without rupturing easily. You also need to choose the appropriate size and shape. A small balloon may burst under pressure. So, choose a slightly larger balloon that will meet your needs.

Proper Inflation Techniques

Attach the opening of a balloon to the tip of a laughing gas cracker or the nozzle of a pressurized cream whipper. Turn the cracker or cream whipper upside down. Hold the balloon in place and twist the cracker or press the lever of a dispenser to fill the balloon with nitrous oxide. When detaching the charged balloon, gently pull the opening out and secure it with your fingers.

Securing Balloons

The most convenient way for securing a balloon full of nitrous oxide is with your fingers. However, you may need to use a knot to secure the opening of the balloon if you want to fill multiple balloons with nitrous oxide. To make a knot, hold the portion of the opening that is in contact with the gas with one hand and use the other hand to stretch the upper part. Make a loop and create a knot to secure the balloon.

Precautions and Safety Measures

You always have to be careful when using cream chargers with balloons. Consider the following precautions and safety measures.


It is safer to use cream chargers in an environment with good ventilation. Somewhere in your backyard should be a good spot. Also, the area should be away from children.

Safe Distance from Heat

It is advisable to use cream chargers at a safe distance from any heat source. The pressurized nitrous oxide canisters could explode and cause serious accidents.

Avoiding Direct Inhalation

Cream chargers are not designed for direct inhalation. Be responsible and only inhale the gas from balloons.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t overfill a balloon with N2O to avoid misuse
  • Poorly attached balloon to a cracker could burst out, causing frostbite
  • Don’t place a balloon full of nitrous oxide aside without securing it first
  • Inhaling from a balloon without taking short breaths of air is dangerous
  • Don’t breathe laughing gas from balloons while standing up


Cream chargers are a popular fad among recreational users. The information provided in this guide can help you use them safely with balloons. We have covered all the safe methods you can think of, such as a laughing gas cracker and a cream whipper. It’s up to you now to take the necessary precaution and safety measures to avoid potential risks and dangers.


Can you put laughing gas in a balloon?

A balloon is considered a safe method for breathing or inhaling nitrous oxide recreationally. Use high-quality balloons that are made of thick latex or rubber.

How many cream chargers can you use with one balloon?

It is recommended to use one cream charger to fill one balloon. This can help recreational users avoid abusing the gas.

Can you fill a balloon with N2O without a cracker or a dispenser?

No, the safest and most convenient methods for filling balloons with nitrous oxide are with a cracker or a whipped cream dispenser.

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