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There are two safe ways to open a cream charger – with a whipped cream dispenser or a cracker. But, what do you do if you don’t have access to the aforementioned devices? On this page, we will reveal some useful tips on how to open a cream charger without a cracker.

What are Cream Chargers or Nangs?

Cream chargers are small gas canisters filled with culinary-grade nitrous oxide. People who use such canisters for recreational purposes call them nangs. Young people use balloons to inhale the happy gas. They fill the gas with N2O with the help of either a whipped cream dispenser or a cracker. Both techniques are considered safe for cracking cream chargers for recreational use.

Beware of the Risk Factors

You’ve probably thought of using a sharp needle to punch the almost a-centimeter-thick seal. But that may not be a very good idea.

For starters, a needle-size hole is enough for the N2O gas to escape at an insane speed. This will send the canister spinning and flying across the room. If it doesn’t hit you, it will probably crack your television or something else in the room.

Not to mention that the shooting gas is super cold. The canister gets too cold very quickly as it is spinning around. Trying to hold it with your hands can cause frostbite. Cold burns can be severe and life-threatening in some cases. Even if you succeed to puncture the canister without it taking off. It can be challenging to hold it in place long enough to capture the N2O.

How to Open a Cream Charger Without a Cracker?

Enough with the scary stuff. Now let’s figure out some safe ways that you can use to open your cream charger without a cracker.

Make a T-Shaped PVC Pipe Cracker

You can create a do-it-yourself (DIY) cracker using a nail, T-shaped PVC pipe, pipe fittings, silicon sealant, and some holders. You can easily source these tools and materials from your local store.

Use a silicon sealant to attach the nail inside the bottom thread of the T-shaped PVC pipe. Fit in the ideal length of the pipe with the help of a cartridge holder. We recommend a pipe length of 3/4-inch. One end of the upper part of the pipe should be blocked and the other one attached to a balloon. Use protective gloves to avoid cold burns.

The cartridge holder will hold the cream charger in place. Then all you have to do is push the canister to puncture the seal. The gas will burst out towards the balloon. Take necessary safety precautions while doing this to avoid accidents.

Asthmatic Patient Inhaler Cracker

The structure of this homemade device will look like an asthmatic patient inhaler. The designing process is almost similar to the one discussed earlier.

You need water and an angled PVC pipe instead of a T-shaped one for this model. No sealant is necessary for this design. Attach a cartridge holder to one of the loops and screw in a cream charger. Fill in the remaining volume of the pipe with water. Puncture the cream charger and quickly attach a balloon to the other end of the pipe.

We prefer using warm water to prevent it from getting cold too quickly. Make sure the cream charger opening is facing upwards. This ensures the water covers the punctured opening of the canister to help reduce the pressure of the gas. Also, remember to wear protective gloves.

Final Thoughts

This post has revealed some useful tips that can help you learn how to open a cream charger without a cracker. The techniques aren’t difficult to master. You just need a few supplies, our tips, and a lot of attention to detail to create the DIY crackers. Although, our methods are safe to some point. We recommend you do these do-it-yourself projects in an open area away from other people. Also, remember to wear protective gloves for protection against cold burns.


Can you use nangs without a dispenser?

It is recommended to use a dispenser. But that’s an expensive kitchen device, which you may not be able to afford. The alternative is a nang cracker, which is cheaper and easy to use. If you don’t have a dispenser or cracker, you can make one of the homemade devices discussed in this article.

Am I safe opening a cream charger without a cracker?

It is not safe to open a cream charger without a cracker. The DIY devices we have suggested in this post are homemade crackers that provide you with some level of safety.

Can I use a needle to puncture the seal of a cream charger while attached to a balloon?

You can but the pressure of the gas rushing into the balloon can be overwhelming. You may also put yourself at risk of frostbite. This is so because you have to use your hands to hold the balloon and charger together and ensure the needle is properly centered to avoid puncturing the balloon.

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